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ABout Us

Driven by a deep passion for real estate and a strong commitment to our community, Wilson Home Buyers has embarked on a remarkable journey. We have honed our expertise in the dynamic housing market, transforming challenges into opportunities and delivering valuable solutions. Our overarching mission is to support each homeowner through their individual circumstances.

Who is "Wilson Home Buyers"

We are a team of professional home buyers, who have proudly helped homeowners successfully sell there homes! We put the seller first, meaning the deal has to work for you for it to work for us. We are focused on education and integrity. We are your complete advocate, supporting, and directing toward the best choice for your situation. There are no gimmicks, hassling, or cost.

We buy houses, always paying great prices to homeowners. We make offers on all types of homes, no matter what condition they are in!

We do not require financing to buy your house. We have cash in hand, and because of this, we are able to close FAST! We can close as soon as 7 days, but the actual closing date is always up to you. From start to finish, we will work on your terms and resolve any issues you might be facing! 

Our "Why"

We recognize that the conventional real estate market isn't always accommodating for everyone. It often overlooks those who own homes requiring repairs or updates, and the lengthy process can be impractical for those who need a quicker resolution.

As innovators in the cash home-buying sector, our goal is to provide solutions for sellers facing these challenges. We offer a swift and straightforward method to sell homes, bypassing the usual complications and stresses. Our approach is centered on prioritizing the seller's needs and experiences, rather than just focusing on the transaction itself.

Our Commitment

At Wilson Homebuyers, we stand apart from the conventional home-buying market with our bespoke approach. Unlike typical cash-for-houses companies, we prioritize a direct and personal connection with our clients. We don’t just conduct business online; we believe in the value of visiting each home and meeting our customers face-to-face. This allows us to provide a free, fair cash offer that truly reflects the value of your home. Our commitment extends to being physically present to address any questions and guide sellers through every stage of the process.

We understand that every customer has unique circumstances and needs. Whether it’s a swift relocation due to a new job, the necessity of a larger home for family reasons, or managing an inherited property, we're here to assist. Our aim is to work closely with each seller, understanding their specific situation and navigating the process together, ensuring a solution that is tailored to their individual needs.

Blair Wilson


Wilson has earned the trust of executors, administrators, and attorneys alike by helping families settle estates in the most efficient and dignified manner. Over the years, Wilson has developed unique expertise in probate, trust, and inheritance property sales alongside his experience as an investor and landlord.